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This podcast is intended for kids 10 years and above. It offers highly curated, unbiased, informative, entertaining news from all over the world just for kids. Brought to you by the creator of Leela Kids Podcast App Sandeep Jain and Prachi Gangwal (children's author, photographer, wellness enthusiast, podcaster and storyteller). Feedback very welcome! kidsnews@leelalabs.com.

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1. Music Therapy

Science Magazine: How our mind is affected by music

CNN: Music Therapy

NPR: Music Therapy for Kids

2. Chinese New Year

Statista: Largest annual human migrations

The Sun: Chinese Zodiac

Forbes: Largest human migration

3. Olympics update

4. Plastic pollution

BBC: Plastic pollution

TheBalance.com: Time taken for garbage to decompose

Grist.org: Dump vs Burn for plastic

BioCollection: The company that makes bio-decomposable coffee cups 

5. "Super Wood"

DailyMail: Good coverage on "super wood"

Wikipedia: US President Limo, "The Beast"

WorldSteel.org: Facts about steel

6. Cancer linked to consumption of ultra-processed foods

BMJ: The research

Health.com: Ultra-processed foods to throw out

CNN: Coverage on the report

7. RocketLab adds to space debris problem

TheVerge: Coverage of Launch

SpaceSafetyMagazine: Good explanation of Kessler Syndrome



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