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Romance is Dead de Yasmin Rolfe and Mike Salisbury

Yasmin Rolfe and Mike Salisbury

The podcast hosted by Yasmin Rolfe and Mike Salisbury where they take romantic comedies VERY seriously, from Sleepless in Seattle to Sleeping with Other People, Yasmin and Mike break down the nuances of romantic comedies and who knows, maybe they'll learn something about themselves along the way? New episodes Sunday.

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Episode 62 is here and it's a good one! Yas and Mike discuss 2011's BRIDESMAIDS, from 'I don't need dental work' to 'shit that is fresh' Yas and Mike breakdown what Mike calls the best comedy of the 21st century! Find the podcast on instagram @romanceisdeadpodcast find Yasmin @yasrolfe find Mike @boyfromschool. On twitter @romancedeadcast Rate, review and subscribe in your favourite podcast app we love you! ❤️

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