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Hemp houses, disease-detecting dogs, and robot swarms inspired by wasps; In 2022, The Discovery Pod is exploring bold new ideas.

Join us in conversation with host Andy Lowe and researchers at the forefront of innovation, as we uncover ingenious solutions to society's most pressing challenges.

So, how can we make tomorrow, better today? Let’s find out. 

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What is green hydrogen and why has it caught the attention of governments, industries and billionaires alike?  This week, host Professor Andy Lowe chats with Professor Greg Metha from the School of Physical Sciences at the University of Adelaide. Greg’s research in this area is working to deliver a more sustainable future and has led to exciting partnerships with Sparc Technologies and Fortescue Future Industries.

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    Tue, 15 Nov 2022
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    Thu, 03 Nov 2022
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  • 24 - How can we decode disease with scent? With Dr Anne-Lise Chaber 
    Thu, 03 Nov 2022
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