The Fletcher Files: A Murder, She Wrote Podcast

The Fletcher Files: A Murder, She Wrote Podcast de Monty


A black lady’s guide to all things Murder, She Wrote. I’m a true fan of Murder, She Wrote and I want to share that love with all of you. Each week I will delve into an episode of MSW and ask the questions we all have. So let’s admire Jessica’s fashions as she outwits them all each week on The Fletcher Files.

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Dennis Stanton is the embodiment of “It takes a thief to catch a thief.” He’s put his criminal mind to good use in spotting an inside job and saving his company one million dollars. Let’s put away our dart shooting umbrellas and watch the charming Dennis Stanton solve two murders, a burglary and a forgery in 48 minutes.

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    Sun, 01 Oct 2023
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    Sun, 24 Sep 2023
  • 135 - Murder…According to Maggie 
    Sun, 17 Sep 2023
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    Sun, 10 Sep 2023
  • 133 - The Fixer-Upper 
    Sun, 03 Sep 2023
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