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Cybersecurity Architecture Podcast aims to help security professionals to rethink their approach to infosec design and simplify their decision-making process while they face the overcrowded innovative cybersecurity market.

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The podcast features an insightful interview with Frederic from Gleams, a French startup specializing in advanced malware detection and investigation using artificial intelligence. Frederic discusses the company's role in protecting file flows, the differences between malware and viruses, common vectors of attack, challenges of static and dynamic detection, deployment options including air gap environments, and the company's focus on delivering effective threat detection and analysis. Frederic: Frédéric Grelot began his career at CNES in Toulouse, spending three years in the Spacecraft's Embedded Computers department. There, he worked on designing a hardened computer chip for satellites and handled its validation from VHDL to integration in a satellite model and simulated space environment. In 2012, he joined the cyberdefense teams of the French Ministry of Armed Forces, specializing in reverse-engineering of computer systems and programs for seven years. In 2016-2017, Grelot initiated Artificial Intelligence work at DGA, identifying defense sectors where AI could be applied and helped establish a dedicated AI team. From 2017 to 2019, he led a team of 25 reverse-engineering analysts and continued enhancing his knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. In 2019, Grelot co-founded GLIMPS, a company specializing in code analysis and malware detection using AI, and served as Scientist Lead. He contributed significantly to the company's outreach and communication. In 2023, he moved to Toronto, Canada, to open GLIMPS's first international office, engaging actively with the local tech and cybersecurity communities. Known for his distinctive profile, he also participated in various conferences and appeared on the national Radio Canada network. Grelot is committed to ecological sustainability, incorporating this perspective into his entrepreneurial endeavors. Glimps: GLIMPS is a cybersecurity company established in 2019 by four experts with a background in reverse-engineering. It offers innovative cybersecurity solutions leveraging a proprietary technology capable of automatically reading and understanding computer code. This technology is designed to enhance the detection and automation of binary analysis and threat identification, providing a significant boost to existing defense lines against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. GLIMPS's solutions, which include GLIMPS Malware, are available in both SaaS and On-premise formats, catering to a broad spectrum of French and international companies and governmental bodies. The firm has achieved recognition within the cybersecurity community, evidenced by prices such as the European Cyber Week award, twice in a row. At the core of GLIMPS's offerings is its Deep Engine, a specialized AI engine based on Deep Learning. This engine excels in deep file analysis, enabling quick detection and characterization of advanced cyber threats. By conceptualizing code, GLIMPS's technology can identify all forms of malware, providing a comprehensive and scientifically validated approach to cybersecurity. This platform processes over one million files daily and serves more than a hundred customers, demonstrating its effectiveness and the trust it has garnered within the industry. GLIMPS also emphasizes collaboration within the French ecosystem, aiming to integrate its solutions where beneficial. The company's growth is underscored by its successful fundraising efforts, which include a €6 million round in 2021, and its continuous search for new talent to join its expanding team​.

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