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Save more and spend less is more than just a motto for money expert Clark Howard; it’s a way of life. Clark and his crew — Team Clark — are on a mission to empower people to take control of their personal finances by providing money-saving tips, consumer advice, hot deals and economic news to help everyone achieve financial freedom. Clark is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and a consumer reporter for television stations around the country. His podcast, The Clark Howard Show, receives more than one million downloads each month and is a hub for listeners to get valuable advice on-demand any time. Clark answers questions on the most popular business and consumer topics including; how to buy a cars, financing a home, retirement planning, shopping for insurance and getting the most out of your savings. Join the conversation and submit your question to . Clark spearheads two free resources — and — to encourage consumers to save more, spend less and avoid ripoffs.

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Needed changes in education are overdue and on the way. Clark characterizes post high school ed and how economic forces unleashed by Covid are changing the equation for the better. The rise of the education consumer means relevance and connection to career will be key. Also, Clark lists the many factors contributing to the inflation testing us all - and puts it in historical perspective. This cycle has caused economic dislocations creating discounts. Learn where the deals are, and - in the price surging sectors, ways people are cutting back to offset inflation, including gas & grocery strategies. Higher Education Transformation: Segment 1 Ask Clark: Segment 2 INFLATION: Perspective & Adjustments: Segment 3 Ask Clark: Segment 4 Mentioned on the show: Uni - One Toll Pass. 19 States. CELL PHONES - 7 Things That Are Actually a Great Deal Right Now 10 Best Restaurant Apps for Fast Food Deals resources Episode transcripts daily money newsletter Consumer Action Center Free Helpline: 636-492-5275 Learn more about your ad choices: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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