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Aspergers & Autism Talk

Autism Aspergers. Hey I am Dan I’m autistic with a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome, I talk about life experience, help and tips for autistic individuals to feel motivated and inspired. Also talking everything Autism and ADHD WEEKLY! Subscribe for autism autism help! Support this podcast:

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This is how you know if you have ADHD and Autism, 5 must see traits you need to know! 1. Irritability & Hyper-focus: Autistic people will be set to focus on a specific top or activity for a large amount of time. However the ADHD brain kicks in and makes them stand up and walk about or get distracted. 2. Special Interest & Rapid Interest Switch: People who are autistic will have a topic of special interest that they love to learn about etc, but the ADHD brain will make you switch from obsessive topic to a new obsessive topic often. 3. Fast Speech & Monotone Talking: Autism usually comes with monotone talking, no inflection on speech. And the ADHD brain makes you talk super fast! 4. Want to Be Social & Social Anxiety: Lots of ADHD people want to be social and make friends and have fun. The autism brain is also packed with social anxiety and can cause a conflict. 5. Wanting To Talk A Lot & Forgetting What You We’re Saying: Autistic individuals love to talk about stuff the love for hours in end. How we the ADHD brain will cause a lot of forgetting of keeping on track with the conversation topic. All input welcome I’d love to start a discussion. --- Support this podcast:

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